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Cyprus has seen a marked increase in property sales to foreigners, reported Overseas Property Professional, particularly to Russian and Chinese buyers. The most recent figures put the volume of land sales up nearly 20% over 2010–43% in the Larnaca area alone. This despite the looming storm clouds of the eurozone’s ongoing debt crisis and Cyprus’ […]

Mercer has released its 2011 Cost of Living Survey, allowing expats to see where their dollar will go furthest. The survey is based on two key data points: the relative strength or weakness of the local currency against the US dollar over the last 12 months and price movements relative to a baseline (New York […]

Expats living in Russia earn the most, with both the highest income and disposable income, according to HSBC’s 2010 Expat Explorer Survey. Russia was top of the heap when expat destinations were ranked by income and likelihood of owning more than one property, followed by Bermuda and Saudi Arabia. Singapore (the #1 expat destination in […]

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