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With increasing concern over the stability of the Euro, people have been pulling their savings out of banks to keep them safe. Greek savers have withdrawn their money from local banks amid concerns the European Central Bank won’t provide support to undercapitalized Greek banks. This has also been seen, to a lesser extent, in Spain. […]

Expats paid in euros are slowly but surely bleeding value as the common currency falls. Similarly, those living in troubled economies like Italy and Greece may want to protect themselves against the possibility of a euro exit and currency devaluation. One way is to park money in accounts denominated in safer currencies like British pounds […]

Investors’ opinion of the euro is bouncing between pessimistic and apocalyptic, depending on the newsflow at any given time. It’s pretty clear expats in euro countries should diversify out of euro holdings, particularly in Greece and Italy. Unfortunately there are precious few good bets remaining. Stocks have been in general retreat since the spring and […]

The European debt crisis seems to be grinding toward a decisive conclusion after a revolt within the Greek Prime Minister’s cabinet. PM George Papandreou had wanted to put Greece’s euro membership to a referendum, but a number of cabinet members–including his deputy finance minister–have refused. Several socialist MPs have also declared opposition to the referendum, […]

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