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At the end of October a 15 percent tax on property bought by foreigners became valid in Hong Kong. The implementation aims to cool down the strongly overheated property market and it may be followed by further steps. For almost twenty years Hong Kong has been considered the world’s freest economy with the fewest regulations. […]

Despite the euro crisis, your expat pounds (or euros, or yen) will go furthest in the US or countries with currencies pegged to the dollar, such as Hong Kong. Of the 50 most expensive cities identified by ECA International’s most recent cost of living survey, only one was located in the United States. New York […]

Expats rate Singapore as the best country to open a business, followed by Hong Kong and the US. These were the results of the fourth annual NatWest International Personal Banking (IPB) Quality of Life Index. NatWest found expats in Spain, Portugal and France least positive about their business environments. The study, conducted in cooperation with […]

Hong Kong’s Financial Services & Treasury Bureau (FSTB) said mainland China had confirmed tax procedures for mainland companies paying dividends to investors in Hong Kong. Dividends will henceforth be subject to a 10% withholding tax, according to the Chinese State Administration of Taxation. Said an FSTB spokesman: when non-foreign investment companies of the Mainland which […]

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