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When someone is moving abroad to lower their taxes, there are a few European countries that they often look to. The obvious choices are the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands, Andorra or Monaco. Monaco has zero income tax, but while the lifestyle might be glamorous and the weather far better than the Isle of […]

In order to reduce the country’s national debt the French government has introduced several new tax rates. France’s newly elected president, Francois Hollande, has €1.7 trillion of national debt to contend with. With this in mind he recently announced plans to double potential capital gains tax. In addition, he also raised income tax on rent […]

Pounds sterling are currently hovering at about EUR 1.20–the best rate they’ve seen since the summer of 2010 (and before that, December 2008). This has created some property bargains. Because of the favorable rates, French property can now be had for 10% less. According to data from (which helps source euro mortgages for UK buyers) […]

Moving your finances abroad is stressful, and many expats forget to ask the most important question: what do I need to do before I move and what can be done later? Our checklist helps you identify urgent actions–and will save you money, time and hassle in the long run.

Prague may be making a comeback as a hot property market, according to Brett Tudor on The MoveChannel. The country has spent the last ten years building a reputation as a sound investment location, and its performance has outstripped many other former communist bloc countries. In some ways, Tudor writes, the Czech Republic’s communist past […]

Cyprus has seen a marked increase in property sales to foreigners, reported Overseas Property Professional, particularly to Russian and Chinese buyers. The most recent figures put the volume of land sales up nearly 20% over 2010–43% in the Larnaca area alone. This despite the looming storm clouds of the eurozone’s ongoing debt crisis and Cyprus’ […]

A report from international mortgage specialist showed buyers could gain as 12% by researching locations more carefully. Its conclusions were based on data from the UK Land Registry. Many expat investors look at average figures across regions or cities when buying real estate, when in fact prices may vary significantly across individual neighborhoods. In […]

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