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The age of fiscal austerity and sovereign debt crises has further sullied UK expats’ opinions of life at home. So much so that many don’t plan to go back. Ever. Over 800,000 Brits canceled plans to return to the UK in 2011, according to a report from Lloyds TSB International. On top of that, a full […]

Egyptian banks, including HSBC Egypt and Commercial International Bank (CIB) are being accused of helping the country’s military government crack down on activists. The Independent’s Alastair Beach wrote that, “[human rights groups and NGOs] which hold accounts with the global banking giant, say that over the past two months HSBC has contacted them requesting documents […]

Expats living in Russia earn the most, with both the highest income and disposable income, according to HSBC’s 2010 Expat Explorer Survey. Russia was top of the heap when expat destinations were ranked by income and likelihood of owning more than one property, followed by Bermuda and Saudi Arabia. Singapore (the #1 expat destination in […]

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