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HSBC’s latest Expat Explorer Survey has revealed a finding which might go some way to explaining the recent popularity of frontier economies with young expats: the cost of living in Europe. While prices on the continent are, not surprisingly, higher than ever; the cost of living in Asia and the Americas means that, despite lower […]

Expat Explorer, the expat survey conducted by HSBC expat, is in its fifth year of operation. This year, the largest global survey of expats, depicts the impact of the economic downturn on the global expat market. The Middle East continues to draw financially minded expats, however, figures demonstrate that compared to Europe, those in the […]

Expats are in search of the “perfect expat destination”. Though global economic hardships are pushing expatriates to become more price sensitive. Today’s research savvy expats are choosing destinations based on cost-of-living, so they can get the most for their money. Non-traditional locations are the answer.  Expats moving to developing countries such as South Africa, Thailand […]

According to the NatWest International Personal Banking (NatWest IPB) Quality of Life Index more British expats are moving to Asia than ever before. Whereas the number of people looking to move to Western Europe and the US is declining. The study noted a decrease of 11% in expatriates moving to the USA but an 18% […]

According to the annual NatWest International Personal Banking Quality of Life Index, expats who relocated to the UAE have seen their finances improve “dramatically” since moving. The same response was also given by expats in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. The survey also showed that 72% of expats have not seen a decline in their quality […]

Despite the euro crisis, your expat pounds (or euros, or yen) will go furthest in the US or countries with currencies pegged to the dollar, such as Hong Kong. Of the 50 most expensive cities identified by ECA International’s most recent cost of living survey, only one was located in the United States. New York […]

The preliminary results of Lloyds’ and Just Landed’s Expat Banking Poll are in, bringing  a couple surprises with them. So far respondents have shown a strong desire for more secure investments, even if it means sacrificing returns. This extends from investment portfolios down to current and savings accounts.

Investors’ opinion of the euro is bouncing between pessimistic and apocalyptic, depending on the newsflow at any given time. It’s pretty clear expats in euro countries should diversify out of euro holdings, particularly in Greece and Italy. Unfortunately there are precious few good bets remaining. Stocks have been in general retreat since the spring and […]

The age of fiscal austerity and sovereign debt crises has further sullied UK expats’ opinions of life at home. So much so that many don’t plan to go back. Ever. Over 800,000 Brits canceled plans to return to the UK in 2011, according to a report from Lloyds TSB International. On top of that, a full […]

Remittances from Italy fell 2.9% in 2010, to EUR 6.6 billion, even as worldwide remittances increased 5.5%. The statistics were released in the 2011 Statistical Dossier on Immigration put out by Western Union and Caritas, which aims to provide an accurate picture of the financial state of Italy’s migrant population. The fall in remittances was […]

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