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A double tax treaty recently inked by India and Switzerland grants Indian authorities the right to request information on suspected tax evaders for any period starting January 1st, 2011. This is one of just 70 tax treaties the Swiss have renegotiated since 2009, reported Simon Bradley at Swiss, shedding further light on the once […]

If there’s one person with experience in marketing financial services to expats, it’s Guy Stephenson, Director at Nacelle. Having targeted expatriates since 1988, he has worked with many of the big expat brands in the market. In an interview, Guy explains why more than 50% of British expat banks have disappeared in the last decade, and […]

I currently have  the equivalent of USD 3,000 trapped in a current account in Egypt. This is my story, which I tell to illustrate the potential pitfalls when dealing with local banks as an expat. Banking is high on the list of things an expat needs to sort out when moving abroad. He needs an […]

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