Expat island with palm trees

Expats looking at non-traditional destinations can make their money go further.

Expats are in search of the “perfect expat destination”. Though global economic hardships are pushing expatriates to become more price sensitive. Today’s research savvy expats are choosing destinations based on cost-of-living, so they can get the most for their money.

Non-traditional locations are the answer.  Expats moving to developing countries such as South Africa, Thailand and the Philippines have reported to have more luxuries (47%, 43% and 47% respectively) since relocating to their new host country.

Domestic staff, swimming pools, and property ownership (or more than one property!) are among the main cozy additions to expats living in developing countries.

As the world dives headfirst into the digital revolution, expats have online access to unending information on their potential international destinations. Expats do their homework on social media sites, search engines, and expat forums as they search for expat paradise.

Expats employed in the above countries are living more comfortably, however, when compared to home they are not seeing an increase in pay.  The increased disposable income for these expatriates is due to increased affordability of accommodation, public transport, food and childcare. So, even without bigger paychecks, expats still have extra money for luxury housing and nightlife activities.

Interestingly, expats in these nations are not using their disposable income to go on luxurious vacations like other country’s expat populations. It is easy to understand why these expats don’t leave on holiday when they have affordable and beautiful beaches just beyond their doorstep. Before relocating, remember you might just find the best of both worlds – picturesque locale as well affordable goods and services.

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