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Yorkshire Building Society announced it will wind down the business of its offshore subsidiary, Yorkshire Guernsey Limited. The decision was made following a strategic review, which determined regulatory changes in the UK were negatively impacting Yorkshire Guernesy’s business. Iain Cornish, Yorkshire’s Chief Executive, said: Whilst our offshore operation has been very successful and a valuable […]

To say it’s been a rough couple weeks for global financial markets is putting it lightly. Equities have been falling for over two weeks now as investors abandon stocks for traditional havens such as gold, the Swiss franc, the Japanese yen and (ironically, enough) US Treasuries (the latter despite Standard & Poor’s downgrading the US’ […]

A report from international mortgage specialist showed buyers could gain as 12% by researching locations more carefully. Its conclusions were based on data from the UK Land Registry. Many expat investors look at average figures across regions or cities when buying real estate, when in fact prices may vary significantly across individual neighborhoods. In […]

Mercer has released its 2011 Cost of Living Survey, allowing expats to see where their dollar will go furthest. The survey is based on two key data points: the relative strength or weakness of the local currency against the US dollar over the last 12 months and price movements relative to a baseline (New York […]

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