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Britain’s cheapest house has gone up for auction, reports The Daily Mail‘s Simon Tomlinson. Paul Fosch Auctions is asking just GBP 7,000 for the home, which is a classic “fixer-upper.” Still, hopeful expat property moguls should think twice about placing a bid in tomorrow’s auction. According to Paul Fosch’s Heidi Wangemann, the interior is a […]

Prague may be making a comeback as a hot property market, according to Brett Tudor on The MoveChannel. The country has spent the last ten years building a reputation as a sound investment location, and its performance has outstripped many other former communist bloc countries. In some ways, Tudor writes, the Czech Republic’s communist past […]

Falling prices and rising demand have made it cheaper to buy than rent property in 45 of Britain’s 50 largest towns and cities. It is now an average 13% more expensive to rent than own, according to research from property search website The results were based on a comparison of asking prices and rents […]

Expats investing in London property could improve their yields by 10% just by researching the market more carefully, found a recent report from Many overseas buyers look at average figures for the city when making purchases, ignoring critical variances across specific neighborhoods. Expat Wealth spoke to Erica Evans, Director of, to get the […]

Cyprus has seen a marked increase in property sales to foreigners, reported Overseas Property Professional, particularly to Russian and Chinese buyers. The most recent figures put the volume of land sales up nearly 20% over 2010–43% in the Larnaca area alone. This despite the looming storm clouds of the eurozone’s ongoing debt crisis and Cyprus’ […]

A report from international mortgage specialist showed buyers could gain as 12% by researching locations more carefully. Its conclusions were based on data from the UK Land Registry. Many expat investors look at average figures across regions or cities when buying real estate, when in fact prices may vary significantly across individual neighborhoods. In […]

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