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Moving your finances abroad is stressful, and many expats forget to ask the most important question: what do I need to do before I move and what can be done later? Our checklist helps you identify urgent actions–and will save you money, time and hassle in the long run.

Expats paid in euros are slowly but surely bleeding value as the common currency falls. Similarly, those living in troubled economies like Italy and Greece may want to protect themselves against the possibility of a euro exit and currency devaluation. One way is to park money in accounts denominated in safer currencies like British pounds […]

Expats send an extraordinary amount of money out of Saudi Arabia each year–the equivalent of USD 7.1 billion in the second quarter of 2010 alone. As a result, the country may try to limit the amount of money expats can send home. Take data from a recent survey. It found 74% of expats in […]

Do you trust the banks in the country you’re living in? Or do you feel safer dealing with banks from home? Whatever your opinion, we want to know what you think about managing money abroad. In fact, we’re so keen to hear what you’ve got to say, we’ve teamed up with Lloyds TSB International to […]

Social networkers ought to pay especially close attention to personal finance: new research out of Rice University shows people who participate in online communities–particularly financial ones such as and eBay–are more likely to risk and lose money. Utpal Dholakia, lead author and Professor of Management at Rice, said, “emerging evidence indicates that online community […]

Finance firms based in Jersey were recently lauded by the Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, tasked with assessing how well the sector responded to international standards for tax information. Jersey has responded to 84 information requests to date, and was described by the forum as being “effective and expeditious” […]

Egyptian banks, including HSBC Egypt and Commercial International Bank (CIB) are being accused of helping the country’s military government crack down on activists. The Independent’s Alastair Beach wrote that, “[human rights groups and NGOs] which hold accounts with the global banking giant, say that over the past two months HSBC has contacted them requesting documents […]

If there’s one person with experience in marketing financial services to expats, it’s Guy Stephenson, Director at Nacelle. Having targeted expatriates since 1988, he has worked with many of the big expat brands in the market. In an interview, Guy explains why more than 50% of British expat banks have disappeared in the last decade, and […]

I currently have  the equivalent of USD 3,000 trapped in a current account in Egypt. This is my story, which I tell to illustrate the potential pitfalls when dealing with local banks as an expat. Banking is high on the list of things an expat needs to sort out when moving abroad. He needs an […]

Expats have a lot on their plates when moving: housing, schooling for children, visas and permits… the list goes on. It’s no wonder many expats fail to make proper financial arrangements before relocating—a costly (and thoroughly avoidable) mistake. Below we’ve identified the 5 essential steps for effectively managing your finances abroad. 1. Open two bank […]

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